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Round Trampoline

CreateFun big folding trampoline with net

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CreateFun big folding trampoline with net

The folding trampolines come with 8ft,10ft,12ft,13ft,14ft,15ft,16ft

A distinctive feature of the CreateFun models from other trampolines on the market is the ability to fold the poles together with the protective net onto the jump sheet without disassembling the trampoline. After use, for example on a day off, you can quickly partially assemble the trampoline and cover it with a protective cover (included). And next time, just as quickly raise the pole for safe jumping on a trampoline.

To fold all the poles it is necessary to remove the fixing pin by the ring on each of them, remove the tube from the U-leg tube and put the rack on the jump sheet. The assembly of the racks is carried out in reverse order.